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Writing that gets you closer to your objectives does not need to be boring. You can still make words tasty and tantalising while you persuade, educate and convince.

Copywriting can be SEO friendly by appealing to the Google bots at the same time as keeping humans interested…chances are you landed on this page because you ‘googled’ copywriter Auckland, copywriting services, web writer, content writer or freelance copywriter! In fact, Flex Marketing is consistently ranked in the top spots on page one of Google for important search terms in the areas of copywriting and outsourced marketing. Why would you want to work with a copywriter who has not achieved these results for their own business if you care about being found online?

If you are looking for a copywriter who can communicate compelling benefit-led messages to those most interested in your products and services, then you’ve come to the right website.

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We do not write for you, we write for the people you want to influence. 

We like to step into their shoes and see things from their perspective; imagining what our words will make them think, believe or do.

Our mission is to help you use the right words that will influence their behaviour and attitudes…even change their minds. We believe we can do this better than many copywriters because we live and breathe marketing daily, doing the thinking part for our outsource marketing and marketing consulting clients – focusing on the effectiveness of words.

We understand that there are goals to achieve…to be found online, for your voice to be heard, your brand to stand out, benefits to shine through, and ultimately, for conversion to sale and profits to be made. 

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We help 2 types of clients with copywriting

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell” 

– Seth Godin

Why choose me as your copywriter?

  • Writing is my superpower – it feels natural and I have always excelled at it. When writing I feel totally immersed and if it wasn’t for needing to track my time, I could get lost for hours!
  • Trained & Experienced – copywriting professional who has specifically trained in 'effective copywriting' and has been writing since first began in marketing over 25 years ago – that’s a lot of experience
  • Copywriter that ‘gets’ marketing – we live and breathe marketing…copywriting is a big part of what we do, unlike some copywriters who are journalists or creative writers that have added another string to their bow. We understand and apply strategic marketing
  • Integrated – we have the ability to be working on your marketing from all sides, including the graphic design. You not only have one point of contact to deal with, you benefit from us seeing the bigger picture and dealing directly with your copywriting professional
  • Creative – we help you stand out from the crowd, using fresh, fun and colourful words that allow you to have 'scroll stopping' content that cuts through the noise
  • Organised – our processes have been refined over the last decade or so to improve efficiencies and effectiveness, meaning that we’ll get you where you need to be on time
  • Adaptable style – we take time to develop a style that suits your brand and connects with your audience. Writing is also adapted according to its use. For example, a media release uses a journalistic style, a blog may use a more informal, chatty style
  • Effective ­– goals are always top of mind when we are working on your project, whether that’s pleasing the SEO Gods or getting prospective clients to pick up the phone...we want success as much as you do. We consistently rank in the top spots on page 1 of Google for important search terms in the marketing sector. We can help you achieve the same in your sector.
  • Lift your game – with loads of proof-reading and editing experience, we are able to transform your rough drafts into copy to be proud of. We do lots of ‘ghost writing’, so you can put your own name to it!
  • Friendly – approachable and easy to work 
  • Worth it ­– we aim to be affordable, however most of all we commit to giving you great value

Words are powerful…we help you choose them wisely

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Advertorial in trade magazine highlighting custom manufacturing capabilities
Case Studies – demonstrating a product's potential to create transformation
Communicating technical information in simple and engaging manner

“Consumers do not buy products, they buy product benefits” 

– David Ogilvy

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