Fussy Cat

Article copywriting

Advertorial in trade magazine highlighting custom manufacturing capabilities

Client: Bonson

Bonson is a packaging manufacturer and supplier that has been operating in New Zealand for over 35 years and has been very successful in the Food Service sector. The business has clients across Australasia with offices in two Australian States.

Bonson partnered with one of their long-standing clients that produces pet food to create packaging for 'fussy cats' using sophisticated technology to seal in freshness.

Keen to get some exposure amongst food manufacturers and create awareness of these unique capabilities, Bonson asked Flex Marketing to work alongside their Australia-based Business Manager to write an advertorial article for a couple of Australian industry magazines.


  • To interview the client that produces the 'Fussy Cat' cat food to ascertain the information needed to write the article
  • Liaise with Bonson's Business Manager in Australia
  • To write an article that would complement the ad creative we produced and ensure that the tone was informative and not overly promotional
  • To assist with facilitating sign off amongst all parties involved

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Copywriting Samples

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