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Freelance Marketing Consultant

Hello from Andie 

I'm Andie Johnson, owner of Flex Marketing and a qualified marketing consultant and freelancer, with over 25 years experience. I'm based in Auckland, New Zealand and thanks to the beauty of remote working and technology, I'm ready to work with you regardless of your location. It would be a pleasure to meet you and get to know about your business.

To learn more about me and our freelance marketing team, head over to this page. Whether you need ongoing help with your marketing (also known as fractional or outsourced marketing) a marketing consultant to help with one-off marketing projects including branding and websites or a freelance copywriter, you’ll be in good hands. Flex Marketing has been helping businesses since 2011, take a look at our work below.

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Virtual marketing department

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Relax knowing that you can spend time on areas of your business that you enjoy the most…while Flex Marketing expertly takes care of your marketing. We can become your creative department too! GET. STUFF. DONE. Find out how Flex Marketing does the thinking and doing with outsource marketing.

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