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…let experts handle the rest. Owner of Flex, Andie Johnson is an Auckland based marketing communications specialist, working as a consultant and freelance marketing contractor. We help with strategy and planning better communications.

Andie also provides hands-on expertise in the implementation of marketing projects, including copywriting and creative advertising for both digital and print, sometimes as part of a team with other freelancers and suppliers in the industry. Whether you are looking for help with a campaign, content marketing, an experienced copywriter or a range of other communications services, we have it covered.

Flex is the perfect choice for developing brands; marketing expertise combined with the branding specialist experience of sister graphic design business Hop Design, results in effective brand development and integrated marketing communications. Take a look at the Hop Design portfolio.

Whatever your experience, resources or requirements, we are flexible about how we work with you. We assist with small businesses through to med-large companies and agencies who are looking to avoid the normal overheads of an in-house marketing function or boost internal resources and expertise. In fact, Flex can act as your outsourced marketing department. Read more…

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Anyone who has ever done any formal sales training would be familiar with the acronym FAB as part of the sales process. Features, advantages and benefits. Traditionally this was taught in a logical sequence, by starting with a description of… read article

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