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Outsourced marketing is a flexible, smart alternative to an in-house marketing manager

Ready to invest in marketing to grow your business but not ready to invest in a fulltime resource? 

Outsourced marketing is an innovative solution that can flex to your needs and become an extension of your team while working remotely. 

Over 97% of enterprises in New Zealand have fewer than 20 employees…making it hard to dedicate resources specifically to marketing. People who are not marketing experts usually end up ‘covering it’ and best laid plans can gather dust when there is no time or no one to execute them. 

Outsourced marketing allows you to focus on your core business while your marketing is professionally taken care of – consider us your 'virtual marketer'. Even if you already have dedicated internal marketing resources, we are able to help boost your team while you need extra help. 

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We cover everything an in-house marketing manager does and more 

Different to working with an agency, we work on your behalf just like a senior in-house marketer would. Outsourced marketing is also sometimes referred to as fractional marketing, where a fractional CMO or senior marketing manager takes care of your marketing for an agreed number of hours per week. Often businesses cannot justify the expense of a full time senior marketer and this is a way to get such expertise in a part time capacity. A fractional marketer remains involved in your business rather than only undertaking a specific project as a consultant might do. Take a look here for an overview of what we do. 

As well as rolling our sleeves up and actually doing your marketing, if your work requires specialists or more resource, we can manage this for you. We engage and coordinate other suppliers on your behalf – e.g. printers, videographers, branding agencies, website developers etc. There are no hidden fees and we do not ‘clip the ticket’.

The extent to which we ‘represent’ your business is up to you. Our base is a lovely home office, however, we are happy to travel to your offices for occasional meetings as part of your Flex Outsource Marketing package. Many clients find emails, phone calls and video conferencing apps are sufficient.

A big bonus is that we can also act as your creative department – Andie is a qualified graphic designer. You can learn about our graphic design services here. Our outsource marketing packages allow you to choose whether you use us for marketing or design or both.

It may help to visit our FAQ page for some answers to commonly asked questions about outsource marketing.

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We can also take care of your graphic design

Outsource Marketing packages allow you to use some of your time on graphic design.

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Great reasons to outsource your marketing

  • Strategic marketing direction backed by years of experience 
  • Reduced overhead and labour costs – no office space, computers, supplies or fulltime marketing salary ($120-160k per annum is what you could expect to pay an experienced marketing manager in New Zealand and that's just for a basic salary without all the extras)
  • Flexibility to modify the level of marketing support according to fluctuating needs
  • External perspective of an expert who is also integrated with in-house team
  • Great frame of reference – experience working with other businesses and industries can benefit your business
  • Continuity that creates a cohesive look, tone and feel across messaging – eliminating staff turnover challenges (marketing employees tend to move on after a couple of years)
  • Plug and play marketing department that is ready to hit the ground running 

  • Set monthly fees make budgeting/cashflow easier
  • Marketing on tap – readily available because the retainer holds an allocation of marketing hours for you each month
  • Access to graphic design services too – with graphic design qualifications, our skills in Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign are also ‘at the ready’. When there are no account handlers in the middle, it speeds things up and leaves less margin for miscommunication
  • Senior-level experience – this can help fill any gaps if you already have a junior marketing team in place
  • Retain access to all your data and learnings

“Set a goal, and in small, consistent steps, work to reach it.” 

– Seth Godin

Shifting from tactics to strategies

We take your marketing from ‘what’ to ‘why’. Often SMEs do not have a strategic and scalable approach to marketing; stuck in a habit of thinking about what to do instead of why. This can be a very reactive way of working rather than a more effective, proactive approach.

To get a better return on investment from marketing activities, we establish some structure that helps turn plans into action; with better tracking, measurement and accountability to close the planning cycle loop.

If you already have good marketing plans in place and simply need someone to jump straight in to get stuff done, we are happy to do this because it allows us to get to know where the strengths and opportunities lie. This puts us in a good position to add valuable strategic input…we usually find if we start with the implementation, it is not long before we are asked to get involved in strategy and planning. Ready for a chat?

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BJ Ball
Marketing coaching to help with marketing strategy, planning and brand refinement
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Hayes Knight
Magazine editing as part of Outsource Marketing
Re-branding of Bonson-Savpac to Bonson – creating proud expression of uniqueness
Martin Personnel
Martin Personnel
Gold Marketing Planning package & Outsource Marketing FLEX16 package