What outsourced marketing we offer

If an outsourced marketing service you require is not listed, just ask!

Services we can help you with...
including graphic design

  • Marketing strategy and planning 
  • Marketing campaigns (e.g. all digital marketing including email marketing, online advertising, promotions, launches, surveys)
  • Branding
  • Graphic design and printing
  • Photography/videos*
  • Copywriting and content creation (including white label content writing)
  • PR*
  • Social media*
  • Website upgrades and development*
  • SEO and SEM (search engine optimisation and marketing)*
  • Offline marketing (e.g. print advertising, brochures, trade shows, magazine publications)
  • Project management

*Where we might get a helping hand

Depending on the in-depth expertise and level of resourcing required for a project, services marked with an asterisk may involve us recommending that we work alongside a specialist in this field from our industry associates.

Marketing freelancer

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Our packages help ensure that time is allocated to work on your marketing every month.

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We become an extension of your team

Think of outsource marketing like having your own in-house marketing manager. We coordinate everything that needs to happen with your marketing to achieve your business goals.

The breadth and nature of marketing work you get us involved in really depends on your requirements and priorities. Whether it is B2C or B2B marketing you need help with, Flex Marketing can take care of it.

We can help you prioritise your marketing as part of the planning process – for some clients it is all about digital marketing and for other clients they engage our services specifically for one aspect of marketing such as copywriting.

We have also helped clients consolidate their marketing by doing their graphic design work alongside a wide range of marketing activities, meaning they don’t need to use separate service providers such as design agencies.

We operate differently to an agency in that we have spent most of our time working client-side (with a short stint agency-side). Our background in a corporate marketing environment requires excellent broad marketing knowledge. Having been a 'decision-making client' means that we can relate to the challenges you face.

Here are some other advantages over using a marketing agency:

  • There are no hidden fees and we do not ‘clip the ticket’ on services such as printing
  • One point of contact and you deal with the person implementing your marketing (as opposed to account handlers)
  • Outsource marketing packages have some flexibility around carrying over a portion of unused hours to the following month, unlike some ‘use it or lose it’ agency retainers
  • Lower costs for our services as a result of lower overheads – we operate out of a home office

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