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An ideal (and typical) Flex outsourced marketing client has a workforce of between 10 – 60 people and they are looking to be more planned with their marketing, often going through a growth phase or experiencing particular challenges. They usually recognise that some systems and processes need to be implemented so they can achieve better productivity, efficiency and results.

Some clients have administrators or other team members involved in marketing but do not have dedicated marketers. Others have junior marketers and are wanting input and direction from a more experienced marketing person. And some are simply overloaded to the point they need extra resource. Quite often, after some initial quality strategic planning; just putting a marketing calendar in place and following up on critical milestones is enough to notice a big difference with ‘making things happen’.

Our clients take up outsource marketing plans for a variety of reasons – from only wanting copywriting to publish regular content through to a multi-disciplinary approach that draws upon a wide selection of our skills and experience. Our clients’ requirements are as diverse as their businesses.

If the description above does not quite match your current circumstances; for example, if you are a start-up business or only have a few in your team, please get in touch to explore whether Flex outsource marketing is a good fit.

Outsource Marketing generally involves clients signing up to packages that allocate a set amount of time for Flex Marketing to spend on their marketing each month.

This system works really well for making sure that clients have some time reserved and that there is enough capacity to accommodate the amount of consistent, on-going work that is anticipated.

The cost of each package depends on the amount of time that you choose – the minimum being 8 hours per month. The minimum term for an outsource marketing package is 6 months. After this initial term it often rolls onto a monthly basis. You can read about our packages here.

There are a couple of different ways we can deal with fluctuating time requirements or where it is difficult to gauge the amount of time required on a project (for example, where the scope is yet to be fully understood) – we can discuss these options. One possibility includes purchasing a ‘pack’ of hours that is similar to a prepay pack for mobile phone credits. Packs are subject to availability and can only be purchased in ‘20 hour’ packs, however, they can be a really useful way of working where there is a lot of work to be done upfront or to reduce the amount of admin involved in liaising about adjusting plans/invoicing etc. whilst still allowing clients to benefit from a reduced hourly rate.

The best way of answering this question is to imagine the ‘marketing manager’ in many typical New Zealand businesses – I become that person for you…a freelance marketing manager covering a wide range of marketing activities with broad marketing knowledge.

Across my 25+ years marketing experience to date, I have performed specialist roles in ‘brand’ (involving advertising, PR, sponsorship and events) ‘communications’ (with a big emphasis on direct marketing, databases and loyalty, as well as some promotions work) with some overlap between them. A common thread across all of this marketing is the ability to write great copy, and copywriting remains a great passion of mine.

In more recent years, with the big shift to online marketing, I have done a lot of work in the digital marketing space. This means I have had a lot to do with websites, content development, online advertising and a little bit of social media etc. There are certain areas of marketing that are considered to be very specialised fields (or are areas that do not interest me as much), and therefore I will often suggest to clients that we engage the services of a specialist that I can help them coordinate and manage.

Remember that I am also a professionally qualified graphic designer working and therefore also offer many of the services that a creative agency would.

My available hours ‘per week’ does fluctuate according to demand and seasonality. The more notice I have of your requirements, the more likely I can accommodate them. Without the help of associates in the industry there is obviously a limit to my capacity, however, this lean business model means that we can reduce our overheads, keeping our services very affordable for clients.

That’s why if you need us to ‘scale things up,’ we would love the opportunity to discuss your requirements so that we can propose how Flex Marketing can collaborate with others to get bigger jobs done. Often this way of working can entail remaining your single point of contact so that we can be totally ‘across your project’.

It can be very difficult for new clients to know how long things will take. We can give you a rough idea based on our experience with other clients, however, first, we need to understand what types of things you would like us to undertake for you and get a feel for the way you work.

Quite often we find that clients know that they need to be doing “more with their marketing”, but are wanting advice on the ‘what’ they should be doing and this means that their package could evolve over time.

We usually have two suggestions – either we dive straight into implementing a couple of things that they need help with so that we can start to get to know their business better and arrive at a position of being able to strategically advise them on their marketing OR we work together on preparing a marketing plan. The latter involves developing an implementation calendar for marketing to help identify the volume of work to be undertaken and therefore the hours required for an outsource marketing package.

Sometimes clients will work with us on a marketing planning package at the same time as an outsource marketing package. Take a look at our outsource marketing packages here.

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