Our process, approach and fees

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Simple steps to get started

Being able to relax, have clarity about your marketing and some action underway is within easy reach. Here are the simple steps in the Flex Marketing process to make it all happen…

STEP 1. Say hello. Contact us to outline key details of your requirements and we can explore whether to arrange a discovery meeting before being able to give you ballpark pricing

STEP 2. Discovery meeting. Book a complimentary session over the phone, video conference or in-person – this will help establish if there is a good fit and gather enough information to develop a quote proposal or estimate

STEP 3. Proposal. To demonstrate we have a good understanding of your requirements, the deliverables, timescales and cost estimate to get the job done, we email you a proposal quote for you to review and approve. This document will also mention anything we require from you

STEP 4. Agreement and deposit. The proposal document contains our T&Cs and forms the agreement of working together, including payment terms. Once you accept the quote and return the signed proposal form, we’re just about ready to get underway.

To secure time in my schedule, we’ll need a 50% deposit for projects or if an ongoing package such as Flex Outsource Marketing, you’ll need to pay in advance prior to the commencement of each month.

STEP 5. Getting down to business (the fun part!). If your project is large or requires more extensive discussion and planning, we may hold a strategy meeting where we get into more specific details around your objectives, audience and unique circumstances. Sometimes this is a briefing meeting, sometimes a pure planning meeting and occasionally it is more of an ideation workshop for scoping; it really depends on the nature of the work.

It will also be a great chance for us to gather further information about your industry, competitors and details on how you operate. Often notes from that meeting will be provided back to you as a follow-up or a reverse brief is created for you to approve. If enough information has been gathered during the discovery meeting or it is a smaller project, we may be able to get straight onto it without meeting again.

STEP 6. Completion (ta da!). It always brings a great sense of achievement to have accomplished any kind of project. How a job moves through the process of being presented to a client for review/approval varies greatly according to the nature of it. For that reason, the outsource marketing and copywriting sections of this website have more specific information about what is involved with that type of work.

We customise each project to suit how our clients wish to work. For example, some clients involve more people in the sign off process and work is more subject to revisions than others, some have tight budgets and therefore need us to spend less time on thinking and developing multiple concepts etc. 

We can ‘flex’ capacity

Flex Marketing is a lean and keen team of one (if you don’t count Bailey the cat). We work alongside other hand-picked industry professionals to collaborate on projects where possible.

We are often able to introduce our clients to our contacts to get specialist jobs done or increase our capacity. Even though you would usually engage their services directly, we can remain your single point of contact if it suits or is appropriate, acting on your behalf, as your marketing manager.

We have associates who can provide services in photography, PR, website development and more. And if your copy-writing or graphic design requirements are more than we can take on or highly specialised, we have other freelancers in these fields we can reach out to.

virtual marketing manager

"Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach."

– Tony Robbins

How much do you charge?

Flex Marketing Process
Just like tea, our clients come in many varieties and so all our solutions are customised to suit! (The Flex Marketing process remains the same though)

Nothing is out of the box here!  We customise all of our solutions and strategies to suit your unique business and circumstances, including your budget and therefore prices are upon enquiry. It’s worth bearing these things in mind…

  • Time and materials. Most of our services are priced according to an estimated calculation of how long they will take at the appropriate hourly rate – sometimes there are too many unknowns in a project for a firm quote and therefore we may agree to work on a time and materials basis
  • Getting to know you. The longer we work together, the better we know how much work we can get through in a given time on a project. This means that for outsource marketing packages we can review and revise the amount of time allocated to your business each month after our initial time working together
  • Packages help clients budget. Our packages offer the advantage of consistent outgoings at regular intervals, making forecasting and budgeting easier
  • Appreciating your loyalty. We value your ongoing commitment and for that reason, we offer reduced pricing for retainers (for example, on outsource marketing packages)
  • Keeping it affordable. We keep our overheads lower by working from a home office, so you’ll find us more affordable than working with an agency
  • Transparent. We do not ‘clip the ticket’ on any service providers in the industry we introduce you to
  • And finally… if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys! Sure there are plenty of cut-cost providers willing to produce you a logo or write copy (of questionable quality) for a 'fiver'...especially on overseas-based websites, however, what does that say about your business and your willingness to 'support local'?

Enough about us…let’s talk about you