Your ongoing marketing taken care of in a tidy monthly package starting from $1160+GST

‘An easy, simple and effective way of adding value to your business’ is how we like to describe our packages for outsource marketing services.

Rewarding you for your ongoing commitment

We aim to free you from feeling overwhelmed, confused and frustrated with your marketing by taking care of it for you; helping you grow your business while you focus on doing what you enjoy the most.

Outsource marketing packages involve us allocating your chosen bundle of hours to spend on your marketing each month, meaning that we reserve regular time to spend on your business. The most common package is 16 hours per month, however, we offer a variety of options starting from 8 hours per month.

To acknowledge your ongoing commitment and payment in advance for outsource marketing, we have factored this into the pricing of our packages. They provide a significant saving compared with our standard hourly rates.

To keep it simple, the packages are based on a flat fee calculation where it doesn’t matter what the nature of the work is, we only factor in the time involved and not the complexity (outside of our packages we charge different hourly rates for marketing/copywriting vs graphic design).

The packages are also all-inclusive, therefore, every bit of work we do for you, whether that involves a quick phone call or email through to travelling to your offices or chasing up payments, is counted as part of your monthly allocated hours.

For more information about how our packages work, scroll down.

Want to get more info and pricing?

Our marketing services are tailored for each client and although there is set pricing for our packages starting from $1160+GST per month for 8 hours a month, we believe it is best to have a discussion about your requirements and how these packages work before we provide you with a PDF containing more details and prices. This allows us to ensure that you are given information for the services that best meet your needs.

It may help to visit our FAQ page for some answers to commonly asked questions about outsource marketing.

Important information about outsource marketing packages

  • Minimum package is 8 hours per calendar month, the maximum is according to availability – this fluctuates, please discuss. If you require ongoing marketing support for less than 8 hours per month, standard hourly rates apply
  • The most popular package is 16 hours per month
  • There are two ‘price breaks’ for the hourly rate that packages are calculated on:
    • 8-16 hours per month
    • 16+ hours per month
  • Packages can be used for any marketing or design service mentioned on the what we offer page and your requirements will be discussed and agreed as part of your proposal
  • The minimum term for a package is six consecutive months, after which packages continue on a rolling month by month basis
  • Clients who need help with their marketing strategy and planning sometimes sign up to a dedicated marketing planning package in conjunction with an outsource marketing package (which they use for the implementation of the marketing plans). This is one way to inject more time upfront into getting your marketing efforts off to a flying start
  • The number of hours included in your package will be regularly reviewed in accordance with your requirements and our feedback or recommendations
  • If it is difficult to assess how much time is going to be involved in your marketing, you have the flexibility of engaging our services for additional time over and above your monthly package (subject to availability)

Marketing packages

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