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I met Andie at a bank seminar and she mentioned that she was a senior marketer who provides outsource marketing for businesses that are not in a position to hire a full timer in this field. Some years later when I had the need for a marketing person, I remembered Andie mainly because of her friendly personality. 

Since engaging the services of Flex Marketing a couple of years ago to help both with marketing implementation and strategic planning, I am pleased to say that for less than the cost of hiring a graduate, Martin Personnel has benefited from this senior level experience without the overheads and challenges involved in employing someone. Andie has helped keep me accountable for making sure marketing remains an important focus in my business.

Working with Flex Marketing has resulted in Martin Personnel growing its presence in the recruitment sector, as Andie uses the time from our Outsource Marketing Package wisely – prioritising marketing activity that is likely to make the biggest difference to our performance and help with our long-term growth. Andie shows a quiet level of determination and perseverance as she is motivated to complete projects to the best of her ability and achieve the best possible outcomes.

Mark Douglas, Owner

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