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Vibe is a visual communications platform developed by an Auckland based tech company. It is an innovative solution that has the capability of transforming communication in workplaces and is a unique offering both in New Zealand and internationally. Pushing the boundaries in a market means playing the role of 'educator' to establish both awareness and understanding of a new proposition. This can be challenging because there are few examples or analogies to refer to compared with situations where products or services are further along the maturity curve. A copywriter has to work even harder to explain the benefits, simplify the technical language in a sector that is full of jargon and make the copy sizzle.

In this example, the brief was for Flex Marketing to write copy for key landing pages of the website. We responded to the client's brief by working closely with them to ensure there was a good grasp of barriers to overcome with prospective customers, along with a crystal clear profile of target audiences. This helped identify the key information to motivate website visitors to take action.


  • Write copy for key website landing pages with specific requirements to cover on each page
  • Ensure that relevant keywords were naturally used throughout the copy
  • Keep the language simple and easy to understand, helping to avoid overwhelm with people who consider themselves 'not very technical'
  • Be congruent with the nature of the product – communicate in bite size chunks – reduce word count and increase visual aspects of site
  • Encourage website visitors to take action through the selective use of calls to action

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