Case study copywriting

Case Study copywriting

Demonstrating a product's potential to create transformation


Vibe is a visual communications platform developed by an Auckland based tech company. It is an innovative solution that has the capability of transforming communication in workplaces and is a unique offering both in New Zealand and internationally.

Case studies (or 'Success stories') are a great way to bring the benefits to life by showcasing real-world stories about clients who have purchased products and services. They are particularly important for Vibe because there is nothing quite like their platform in the marketplace and that can be more difficult for potential customers to conceptualise using within their own business.

In this example, the brief was for Flex Marketing to write success stories about how Vibe's clients had implemented the Vibe internal communications solution and the positive impact this was having in the workplace.


  • Telephone interview Vibe's clients to discuss the process of getting Vibe into their organisation and their observations on how it has benefitted their business
  • Draft a success story in a typical format
  • Receive initial feedback from Vibe on the success story and provide a revised version for approval from both Vibe and their client

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