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When it comes to copywriting services there is no ‘one size fits all’, therefore we do not offer set packages. Even if the project requires a fixed number of pages on a website, the nature of each website is so different. All our copywriting work is quoted on a per-project basis, taking your objectives and budget into consideration.

We do have an hourly rate for copywriting, however, that doesn’t tell clients much because it can be difficult for them to understand how much time a project may take. So, to figure out a fee that everyone is happy with, we work with you to discuss requirements, set milestones, including timelines and the provide the opportunity to refine writing to a point it is ready to share and shine.

Steps along the way

STEP 1. Hello. Contact us with the key details of your project, including the type of copy and when you need it. It’s helpful (but not essential) if you can give an indication of your budget.

STEP 2. Estimate/quote. If it is possible to give you ballpark pricing for an estimate, we will do so, otherwise, we may request more information to be able to provide a formal quote proposal, if that is required (that may require a discovery call or meeting).

The approach will be outlined in the email for estimate or quote, so that we ensure we are on the same page about the brief, the deliverables including timelines and payment arrangements, as well as the process for revisions.

STEP 3. Agreement and deposit. Once you accept the estimate/quote and return the signed proposal agreeing to our terms & conditions we are just about ready to get underway. To secure time allocated to your copywriting, you will first need to pay a 50% deposit. The remaining will either be due upon completion or in progress payments as agreed in quote/estimate.

STEP 4. Briefing. Depending on the complexity of the project and whether we have already had a discovery call or meeting that covered sufficient detail, we may need to receive a full brief from you. This may be verbal or written, we will agree the approach when we first discuss your requirements.

The brief will allow us to establish the audience, objectives and other details such as unique selling points, benefits etc. We will discuss strategies for achieving your desired outcomes.

STEP5. Writing – the fun part! Armed with information from you about your business, customers and prospective customers, we often undertake our own online research as part of the job, including keyword research if appropriate. We then commence the drafting part of the copywriting process.

Depending on the type of copywriting services you require, we may provide you a sample first (e.g. the home page of a website to help set the tone/style for the rest of the site) to review and give feedback on before we carry on.

We proceed to have drafts go back and forth between us according to the number of rounds of amends allowance agreed for your project, polishing your copy so that it does its magic.

STEP 6. Final draft and invoice. When we have reached a point of ‘sign off’, a final copy will be yours to publish, share, print or post. Depending on payment arrangements we agreed, a final balance may need to be paid upon completion and therefore will be invoiced at this stage.

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