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Hello. I'm Andie and I look forward to getting to know you some time soon...but first, a bit about me!

Andie Johnson Flex Marketing

I started Flex Marketing fulltime in 2011 to help businesses grow by providing them with flexible options, including the ability to have an experienced marketer when they couldn’t justify a full-timer.

The blend of doing part-time outsource marketing for a number of diverse businesses alongside project work, such as marketing consulting and copywriting, has been a fantastic way for me to live a flexible lifestyle with lots of variety. I love learning about my clients’ businesses; putting my creative thinking cap on to solve problems and getting stuck in to make ‘things happen’.

I am passionate about all things creative – that includes writing as well as graphic design. Having said that, many years of working with databases means that I can also ‘geek out’ looking at reports and doing analysis. Clients also appreciate my attention to detail.

Home is Whenuapai in West Auckland where I share my office with Bailey, a ragdoll cat (see picture below!). Aside from Bailey, the 'we' in Flex Marketing is my network of industry professionals that I sometimes collaborate with for large client projects or where specialist skills are required. Working alongside other freelancers allows us to be lean, agile and deliver the flexibility our clients enjoy.

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Career and credentials

Qualified marketer with international experience

  • Over 25 years experience as a marketing professional. Have gained experience both in New Zealand and United Kingdom, developing a broad skillset to now provide clients with both strategic and practical advice across everything marketing
  • Formally trained and qualified marketer. Bachelor of Commerce degree (majoring in marketing) was completed at the University of Auckland and this has been followed by extensive training courses across marketing and general business, including specialist copywriting training
  • Word class retailers. Time as a retail marketer involved working with famous brands including one of the world’s favourite department stores Selfridges, international duty-free retailer DFS Galleria and DIY/homeware chain Homebase which was at the time was under the same ownership as UK retail giant Argos
  • Brand transformations. Living through the brand transformations undergone by these well-known retail businesses allows me to bring the best of this corporate experience to benefit my clients’ businesses, particularly with clarity on their direction and positioning 
  • Leading financial services companies. Financial services marketing also formed a big part of my career working for large corporates; starting off with Diners Club in New Zealand and then stints in London working for Providian National Bank, an American credit card issuer when it was a 'start-up' in the UK at the time of the lending boom (later sold to Barclaycard) and Stonebridge, an insurance company owned by Aegon (then, the world’s 7th largest insurance group)
  • Working with some of the best business leaders and marketers. These retail and financial services marketing roles involved working with some of the world’s best in-house marketing teams and agencies. We managed big-budget campaigns to massive databases and in the UK, large marketing departments meant specialising in the area of direct marketing…this has been a solid platform for a lot of the digital marketing I do today
  • Broad skill set, including being a qualified graphic designer. In New Zealand, smaller marketing departments need more generalised marketing skillsets. By adding graphic design into the mix, (in 2008 I became a full-time student to gain a Diploma in Graphic Design from Media Design School), I am able to provide my clients many of the services offered by a creative agency. I was fortunate to immerse myself fully in the design world for a while to enhance this training, including some solid experience with publishers Macmillan, as well as spending time working agency side. Being able to bridge client and agency sides has been immensely helpful to my clients  
  • Holistic view of customers. Working with card bases; from credit and charge cards through to loyalty cards, has helped me gain an in-depth understanding of targeting, segmentation and the lifetime value of customers. It has also given me an appreciation for the importance of focusing on aspects beyond customer acquisition...a trap many smaller businesses fall into
  • Well-rounded, adaptable, resilient. Since joining the workforce as a 15-year old student and picking up some excellent management skills as a crew trainer for McDonalds, I have had exposure to so many different environments that I find it easy to adapt and pick up knowledge. I’ve taught conversational English in Tokyo, driven a cookie bear van while being part of the grocery sector as a merchandiser for Griffins and managed a dancewear shop. While living in the UK, I even qualified as a reflexologist, which I practised professionally in a part-time capacity for a short time upon arriving back in New Zealand
  • Depth and breadth of experience. Since 2011, I have helped loads of smaller businesses with their marketing across a variety of marketing channels in a wide range of industries including; professional services, travel, beauty, manufacturing, recruitment, SaaS, real estate and more

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Who we help

We help a range of businesses of varying sizes, from startups to mid-size; working in many different industries across B2C and B2B services.

We spend time getting to know your business and if you choose for us to work with you in an outsource marketing capacity, serve as your very own marketing department...becoming an extension of your team.

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A broad range of skills enables us to offer a lot of services directly to you, otherwise, we can team up with specialists to tackle a variety of jobs.

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Why choose us?

There are plenty of reasons that you'll love working with Flex Marketing

Flex Marketing Auckland
The office cat, a rag doll named Bailey
  • Experienced marketer – with over 25 years of marketing experience and a portfolio to be proud of
  • Strategic – we get to know your business and ensure the thinking part gets done before we start on the planning and doing
  • Creative – we think differently…not just because we provide a fresh, outside perspective on your business…we have a knack for thinking outside the box and being creative, which really helps with problem-solving and saying goodbye to being boring!
  • Organised – our processes have been refined over time to improve efficiencies and effectiveness, meaning that we’ll get you where you need to be on time
  • Effective ­– whether it is copywriting or helping you get ready for a trade show, whatever the task, the primary goals are always top of mind in helping you achieve your desired outcomes
  • Friendly – “easy to get along with” probably best describes how our clients perceive our friendliness
  • Worth it ­– with our motto “add value”, we are sure to be a great return on investment
  • Partners – last but not least, just like Bailey (pictured opposite) and I, working together will be a great partnership!

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