Our mission...

We make it easier for your business to be agile, grow and thrive

What does it mean to be agile, grow and thrive? 

Being passionate about words, we haven't taken each of them lightly in crafting our 'mission'. They have been carefully chosen to reflect our intentions.

Agile’ is a buzz word in the business world, however, it has always been important to us – it’s reflected in our name, Flex Marketing – as our goal is to be flexible to your requirements and also in our approach to helping you.

We appreciate growth means different things to different businesses. We have clients who are certain that they do not wish to grow the size of their team, but that doesn’t mean they don’t wish to grow in other areas, such as working smarter and more efficiently. Growing more profitable. We also have clients who enjoy the professional growth they receive through being coached on marketing.

And similarly, what thrive means in one business is not the same as another. That’s why we get to know what performance factors are most important to our unique clients and set up measurement where possible so that we can celebrate the success of reaching those milestones.

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We like to think of our role as helping your business to BLOSSOM

Sharing some of our thoughts...

Grow your business

Our motto is to ‘Add Value’ 

You can read the full story behind our motto ‘Add Value' here. In summary, I have discovered that keeping this phrase front of mind, as I go about my daily business, reaps rewards. I am appreciated for making a difference to those around me, including my clients and 'adding value' is a great strategy to grow your business too!

It’s all in the details 

A big part of being able to deliver quality in everything we do is the attention paid to details. It takes this level of care for the parts that make up the big picture to achieve success. We have been praised for showing concern about details and picking up things that other people gloss over or miss and that plays a critical role in maintaining high standards. 

We believe ‘people’ should be at the heart of every businesses

There's debate over whether customers should be at the centre of a business, with their experiences driving product/service differentiation…or employees…on the basis that by improving employee experience it has a knock-on effect to customers. Regardless of approach, the common denominator is ‘people’.

Ultimately if you work on improving all interactions with people, no matter whether they are staff, suppliers or customers, ‘building great relationships’ will be the philosophy behind a great business.

Psychology plays an important role in marketing

Wondering what motivates people and makes them tick is a great starting point for anyone about to tackle their marketing. I have a long-time interest in psychology, in fact it is probably this that drew me into marketing in the first place...studying human behaviour.

Putting yourself in other people’s shoes helps tailor products, services, communications and everything else that goes into marketing to a particular target audience.

Grow your business

Addressing the leaky bathtub marketing analogy

There is a well-known marketing analogy about the leaky bathtub or bucket. It describes a situation where water going in represents new customers and the water going through the holes in the tub represents existing customers being lost. The amount of water in the tub represents the total number of customers at any one time.

I see a huge emphasis within SMEs on turning up the flow of the water going in and little interest in how to slow the flow going out by patching up some of those holes. The nature of any customer base is a dynamic one. My approach with clients is to help them pay attention to the entire tub, not just acquisition. Looking beyond a snapshot in time to customer value over a lifetime.

Marketing is not just about ticking boxes 

A tell-tale sign of businesses who have stretched themselves too thin by not dedicating time and resource to marketing are those that have taken a overly-systematic approach with it. This is where they have heard through their peers that to “do” your marketing you have to put X, Y and Z in place.

It can be quick and easy to just ‘do’ without thinking. The trouble with this generalised approach is that there is no consideration of individual circumstances. While there are some basics that should form part of everyone’s marketing plan, there are certain things that may be a waste for your business – effective marketing is certainly not just ticking boxes for the sake of it.

Our job is to help you with the ‘why’ as well as the doing…ensuring your dollars are well spent

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