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Support you or your marketers' professional development by tapping into part time senior experience

Flex Marketing coaching

We can provide support for junior marketers or help you increase your own marketing knowledge

We have a package specifically designed to help you grow the capabilities of your marketing function - whether that is one person, a small team or you haven't yet recruited an in-house team. Or the package can be used to coach you in marketing related matters.

If you need us to help you with the recruitment process, we can do that too. Anything from defining the role, writing the job description and ad, through to reviewing CVs and interviewing.

This ongoing support is an affordable way of getting senior strategic advice at the same time as providing your employee(s) a coach and mentor that makes them feel supported and 'invested in' early in their careers. All without having to employ a full time senior marketing manager whose annual salary could be more than $150k.

It should also lighten your work load as we can be the person your marketer shares work with to be reviewed or approved. We are there for them as a sounding board and someone to provide guidance, without overshadowing them as they grow and flourish.

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