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What is marketing?

Every now and then I encounter someone who looks at me blankly when I say I do marketing…I can tell that they are not 100% sure what that involves! It seems that most of the time they think that marketing is the same as advertising or is the same as sales! The way I look

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What is the difference between a logo and a brand?

Many companies are formed without a flight path and therefore their logo is created without a brand strategy. This logo can serve them well for some time – they probably inadvertently develop a brand along the way…and there is nothing wrong with that if you are prepared for some hiccups along the way, except that

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Tips for getting the most out of your graphic designer

There are some tips to avoid the situation of communication breakdown between you and your graphic designer in developing your logo. If you follow this advice below, it will not only help manage your expectations about working with your graphic designer, but give you an understanding of your responsibilities in the project, as the onus

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Who should I choose to design my logo?

It can be an overwhelming and confusing task getting a logo developed, so I have put fingers to the keyboard with a few thoughts about choosing who to design your logo. If you are a small or medium business, the chances are you are not likely to use a big branding agency (as good as

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What makes a good logo

With so many bad logos out there, it is easy for anyone who is not a designer (or not a formally trained graphic designer) to get the wrong impression of what a good logo should be! There are some essential and ideal ingredients that go into making a good logo and I believe anyone who

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What is your USP?

A USP or unique selling point is considered by many an essential ingredient for a successful business. Your business may have one or it may have many, but without it, how do you convince prospective customers that they are better off placing their business with you vs the next guy? There needs to be at

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What is customer segmentation all about?

Customer segmentation is a concept used in marketing to describe how sub-sets of customers/organisations share similar characteristics that allow a marketer to better predict a customer’s preferences, how they will behave etc. Characteristics (or “variables”) such as geo-demographics (age, location etc), physchographics (personality, values etc) and behaviour (attitude/response to a product/service/offer etc) are the main

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Facing these common small business complaints?

You are a new business and don’t know who or where to turn to with your marketing & design requirements? Not enough time to do everything you need to run the day to day of your business let alone be proactive with your marketing? You need a brochure or website to promote your business and

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