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Marketing reflection 2019

November 15, 2019 | Posted in: Articles & News, Flex Marketing news, Marketing pow wow
Flex Marketing 2019 reflection

The typical question I get asked when I explain that I ‘do marketing’ is “what sort of marketing?” and it seems that most people have Google Adwords, creating websites or Social Media top of mind on the topic of marketing. Whilst digital marketing is certainly a big part of what I do, it only forms PART of the full puzzle. And ‘puzzle’ can be how clients view marketing until, bit by bit, I help them put the pieces together that are relevant to the success of their business.

These days, the bulk of my time is spent acting as an outsource marketing manager for clients who are often in a growth phase and not quite ready to employ a marketing person. The scope of what I do for each client varies widely depending on their industry, appetite for growth (some are happy to not grow beyond a certain size), their own capabilities and commitment etc. For example, if a business owner doesn’t enjoy writing and spending time on social media such as Linkedin, I will help them leverage other opportunities because I know that spending time helping them build a personal profile and develop thought leadership will not be fruitful if they are not that way inclined.

Here are some of the things that have occupied my time for outsource marketing clients in 2019:

  • Re-branding – engaging and working alongside well-respected branding agency and developing an exciting new brand that will serve them well into their future
  • Project managing new websites – engaging website development company and being the key contact for my clients to help ensure their goals are met by co-ordinating and developing content, including copywriting, for the new websites and ensuring everything runs smoothly, including quality assurance
  • Improving consistency in visual identity – providing constructive feedback on existing branded materials to highlight where they are failing to meet criteria that keeps them looking/feeling consistent and professional
  • Adding flair to copy – taking factual information and turning it into an ‘interesting read’ through story-telling and good writing practices…everything from printed and online advertorials through to full articles and case studies by conducting interviews with my clients’ clients’!
  • Being a ‘go to’ for graphic design help – assisting clients with everything from creating a simple flyer or invitation through to creating ads and even just formatting images so they look great online
  • Editing a printed client magazine – liaising with writers, photographers, technicians to gather, edit and prepare content that is pulled together into a great quality annual business magazine by working alongside a fantastic graphic designer with a background in media
  • Keeping in touch with clients via regular EDMs – using trusty Mailchimp email marketing tool, clients are able to drop into their clients’ inboxes on a regular basis by having this taken care of on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis
  • Updating websites – working across a few different CMS platforms allows me to jump onto a client’s website and update or add content
  • Marketing strategy and planning – taking client’s business plans and translating them into what is necessary from a marketing perspective to support their overall objectives and direction for their business. In turn, breaking these objectives into bite-size chunks for implementation that form the strategies and tactics to deliver the results they are after. Helping them be accountable and remain on-track
  • Helping connect clients with trusted associates – introducing clients to people who can add value to their businesses through collaboration or people to help with their specialist skills – anything from photographers and videographers to specialised designers and guest speakers
  • Assist with building in-house marketing – to develop clients in-house marketing expertise through marketing coaching around planning and strategy, ‘how to’ videos on social media basics, setting up Facebook advertising through to actually helping a client employ a marketing co-ordinator by shaping the job description, advertisement and participating in the interview process

So, what about Social Media and Google Adwords? – yes, I have created countless social media posts this year and giving basic advice, however I can’t say I have created any Google Adwords campaigns this year. Do you know why? Because all the other stuff that I have done for my clients (see above) is helping their businesses grow organically and this is also reflected in the organic growth they see online…which means they are not needing to use the ‘band aid’ of what is often $2k+ a month investment for Google Adwords.

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