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Re-visiting what makes a good logo

Back in 2012 I blogged about “what makes a good logo” and I think it is worth re-visiting that topic every now and then. I am sure many people reading this have recent anecdotal evidence to support some of the subject matter in my original article – have you spotted a particularly poor logo over

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Is content marketing part of your strategy?

What is it? You may have heard the marketing term, however for those who don’t really know what this means, here is a brief description: Content marketing is a way of creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent information to attract and engage a targeted audience. The end-goal being to, drive some sort of profitable

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3 things that marketers can learn from accountants

You don’t have to be a “marketer” as such to take on board some valuable lessons from accountants, you just need to be someone who aims to cover this function in your business, whether you are a sole operator, someone with a multi-faceted role or just a business owner that does a bit of everything.

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5 tips for preparing great website content

So you have your website developer sorted and are committed to making it happen, now what? One of the challenges for many clients preparing their own website content is deciding what that content should be. Having just re-published my website, the challenges and decisions that need to be made are particularly fresh in my mind.

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After Marketing…marketing beyond the sale

Lead generated, converted to customer…marketing done! Right?…wrong! read on If you have a customer you need to send a picture to showing the work in progress or draft of something they ordered for their approval or feedback do you: a) just attach a jpeg to an email without any explanation (after all, they are expecting

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What is marketing?

Every now and then I encounter someone who looks at me blankly when I say I do marketing…I can tell that they are not 100% sure what that involves! It seems that most of the time they think that marketing is the same as advertising or is the same as sales! The way I look

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What is your USP?

A USP or unique selling point is considered by many an essential ingredient for a successful business. Your business may have one or it may have many, but without it, how do you convince prospective customers that they are better off placing their business with you vs the next guy? There needs to be at

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What is customer segmentation all about?

Customer segmentation is a concept used in marketing to describe how sub-sets of customers/organisations share similar characteristics that allow a marketer to better predict a customer’s preferences, how they will behave etc. Characteristics (or “variables”) such as geo-demographics (age, location etc), physchographics (personality, values etc) and behaviour (attitude/response to a product/service/offer etc) are the main

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