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Photo editing…improve your skills

Photo editing

I know a few people who struggle with photo-editing because they view it as ‘too technical’ for them, sometimes that’s because they are over-thinking what can be a basic task… just takes time and practice! Here are a couple of links to articles that may help with improving your knowledge about pixels, ratios, DPI etc.

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Marketing content – 5 tips to keep it flowing

Ensuring a steady flow of marketing content across a range of channels is usually a challenge for businesses without a dedicated marketing person (and sometimes even with their own ‘marketeer’, it is a battle with other priorities). There are a few things you can do to make this easier… Encourage people in your business who

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Marketing guide to colour formatting images

Marketing_formatting images

Often having trouble formatting images? Colour is one part of formatting images that stumps a lot of people looking after their marketing. RGB, CMYK and a bunch of other acronyms can seem like a foreign language to many people trying to upload images so that they look good online or provide the right format to

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Websites, online, digital, copywriting…year in reflection

As 2018 draws to an end, I thought it would be a good time to share the huge variety of work I have been involved in this year. Often when I meet someone for the first time, they ask me what sorts of things I do – sometimes it’s hard to know where to start

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Marketing content generation – 3 ‘efficiency’ tips

Marketing content creation efficiency

Generate and re-purpose A lot of effort goes into creating original marketing content in the form of articles, infographics, interviews, case studies etc. so it makes sense to use it on as many platforms as possible to get maximum value from this investment. For example, videos can be uploaded directly into Linkedin, Facebook and Youtube

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Copywriting – flip the FAB to make sales conversion a ‘no brainer’

Anyone who has ever done any formal sales training would be familiar with the acronym FAB as part of the sales process. Features, advantages and benefits. Traditionally this was taught in a logical sequence, by starting with a description of product or service features, followed by the advantages those features delivered and finishing with the

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Outsource Marketing – the Benefits

First of all, what is ‘Outsource Marketing’? It is where a company outsources its entire marketing function or some marketing responsibilities. It’s similar to outsourcing Human Resources, IT, Accounting and whilst it is popular in the US, it is still relatively uncommon in New Zealand. What are the benefits of outsource marketing? There are three

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Case studies – 3 Tips for creating great ones

Customer testimonials are great, however, if you want to provide a deeper insight into how you have helped your customers, you should consider developing client or customer case studies. Case studies are a fantastic way to demonstrate the tangible benefits that you have brought your clients as they give you the opportunity to highlight what

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Guerrilla marketing examples to spark creative ideas

How can you get some inspiration from guerrilla marketing? Sometimes we get stuck in a rut with a marketing formula that is tried and tested, however breaking out of the mould can produce some surprising and pleasing results. Often some real creativity is required to think of ideas beyond what is already on the marketing

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Pick up lines for email marketing – 5 tips

With the amount of emails flooding into people’s inboxes, both personal and business, it is no wonder that good subject lines are the reason that a third of recipients open an email based on this fact alone. So, what can you do to maximise your open rates of EDMs (electronic direct mail)? 1. Don’t be

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