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The psychology behind copywriting


A few things with copywriting that you may not be aware of… Copywriting and psychology have a lot to do with each other. I have a keen interest in psychology and given that effective marketing relies heavily on being able to recognise, observe and understand human behaviour, it is no wonder I am working in

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Is cluttered marketing communication causing confusion and overwhelm for your customers?

Marketing communications

I was recently asked to provide a client some guidance on structuring their flyers, EDMs and other marketing communications in a way that makes them easy to understand and professional-looking. They already knew that their previous attempts had fallen into the “cluttered and confusing” trap…so how does one get out of it? First of all,

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Marketing reflection 2019

Flex Marketing 2019 reflection

The typical question I get asked when I explain that I ‘do marketing’ is “what sort of marketing?” and it seems that most people have Google Adwords, creating websites or Social Media top of mind on the topic of marketing. Whilst digital marketing is certainly a big part of what I do, it only forms

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Easy Marketing… don’t lose sight of existing customers

Easy Marketing

“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush…” Are you sure that you are not missing the low hanging fruit with your marketing? So often businesses are so busy focusing all their efforts on making new contacts and acquiring new customers that they overlook the easy marketing opportunities that are sitting right

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Handling negative online reviews 

Handling negative customer reviews

Recently the Marketing Association published this article about how to handle negative online reviews …apparently, this is a very common question they are asked. It struck a chord with me, based on a recent experience of mine. Their article reminded me of a (negative) review I stumbled across for one of my clients. I had to

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Brand authenticity vs consistency…putting the emPHAsis on the wrong syllable

Reflecting on all the talk about brand authenticity…if you think about ‘authenticity’ according to your personal experiences and social interactions…you know that it can be a roller coaster. How someone thinks and behaves is subject to basic things like ‘having a bad day’ or being under pressure from deadlines. Authenticity in this context is allowing

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Marketing traction – 3 things holding some small businesses back…

Flex Marketing

Changing gears from being an employee for large corporates to self-employed marketeer, helping many smaller businesses, was quite an adjustment for me. Especially in the early days when I was involved with a lot of one-man bands and start-ups – networking groups attract these business owners who are just starting out. Now that I am

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Photo editing…improve your skills

Photo editing

I know a few people who struggle with photo-editing because they view it as ‘too technical’ for them, sometimes that’s because they are over-thinking what can be a basic task… just takes time and practice! Here are a couple of links to articles that may help with improving your knowledge about pixels, ratios, DPI etc.

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Marketing content – 5 tips to keep it flowing

Ensuring a steady flow of marketing content across a range of channels is usually a challenge for businesses without a dedicated marketing person (and sometimes even with their own ‘marketeer’, it is a battle with other priorities). There are a few things you can do to make this easier… Encourage people in your business who

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Marketing guide to colour formatting images

Marketing_formatting images

Often having trouble formatting images? Colour is one part of formatting images that stumps a lot of people looking after their marketing. RGB, CMYK and a bunch of other acronyms can seem like a foreign language to many people trying to upload images so that they look good online or provide the right format to

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