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Our background and how we work

Andie Johnson is a creative marketer who has built up a wealth of knowledge about services marketing over 25 years both in NZ and the UK.

Marketing communications is Andie’s thing (or marcomms as it is commonly known in the industry). This involves helping companies improve communication with their customers and prospective customers for better results. This is the “promotion” part of the marketing mix that helps identify and reach target customers via marketing segmentation and various types of communications channels. Andie has experience in nearly all digital and traditional communication channels, however she is particularly adept at direct marketing.

Work in marketing communications can be very strategic (e.g. helping plan strategies such as what, who, where, why, how much etc) through to very implementational (e.g. devising promotions, copywriting for websites, newsletters, brochures etc, organising events, booking media for advertising, working with agencies and suppliers). Flex Marketing is able to help with both.


You can engage Andie as a consultant, a contractor, subcontractor, for a one-off project, work with her on package to support your current marketing requirements or use her as an outsourced marketing supplier working under your company name. If a project is too big for one person, if appropriate, Andie can call upon trusted associates in the industry to work with.

Andie also operates a sister brand for all things creative – Hop Design, a graphic design business specialising in branding. Often the work Flex does embraces both marketing & design and this combination rewards clients with consistent and integrated marketing communications, with only one person to deal with.

We look forward to providing you with the fresh, personal and flexible approach that Flex Marketing offers.


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