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Easy Marketing… don’t lose sight of existing customers

August 20, 2019 | Posted in: Articles & News, Flex Marketing news, Marketing pow wow
Easy Marketing

“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush…”

Are you sure that you are not missing the low hanging fruit with your marketing? So often businesses are so busy focusing all their efforts on making new contacts and acquiring new customers that they overlook the easy marketing opportunities that are sitting right there in front of them with their existing customers.

You would have experienced scenarios like this as a customer …the hairdresser who doesn’t suggest making your next appointment at the end of your visit. The heat pump supplier who doesn’t sign you up to an annual service of your recently installed heat pumps. The local motor mechanic who has just fixed your car but forgot to mention that they are also licensed to provide a warrant of fitness. The bank or telco that offers new customers a promotional deal that existing customers have not had the benefit of.

What are you forgetting to tell your customers about or how are you making follow up business difficult for your customers? The missed opportunities involve more than ‘lack of repeat business’…they also involve missing the goldmine for growth in cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Even large, very well-established businesses are guilty of missing some of these basic processes that that oil an effective marketing machine. For example, I have just finished a year’s membership at a well-known gym…where was the email to thank me for my membership and to say they are sorry to see me go? Sadly, it was missing.  

The gym could have taken the opportunity to let me know that if my circumstances change they would waive my joining fee for the next X months. Because, yes, circumstances can change, and I might keep that in the back of my mind in future rather than go through the process of trialling various other gyms next time. It would have communicated that they value the fact we have (now ‘had’) an established relationship. In my mind, they have truncated that relationship…I could have considered my membership ‘on hold’ with them, however, it has been firmly left in the ‘finished’ category because they have left me feeling the door is closed rather than left ajar. 

You may have an ‘open door policy’ with your employees, however, how is your door with customers? Customers will not bother prising a door open if there is a neighbouring door that is easy to walk through.

A couple of sound guiding principles in securing continued business from your existing customers (apart from continuing to ‘add value’ and solve their problems) are:

  • Communicate that you value the existing relationship you have
  • Make it easy for them to continue the relationship 

Talk to us about how you can make the most of your existing opportunities.

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