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Marketing content – 5 tips to keep it flowing

February 21, 2019 | Posted in: Articles & News, Marketing pow wow

Ensuring a steady flow of marketing content across a range of channels is usually a challenge for businesses without a dedicated marketing person (and sometimes even with their own ‘marketeer’, it is a battle with other priorities). There are a few things you can do to make this easier…

  1. Encourage people in your business who enjoy writing/creating to lighten the load on owner/senior managers by rotating through a roster of monthly responsibility (be it writing articles, interviewing, photographing etc. – depends on the channel). Scheduling this 6-to-12 months ahead will make this a more seamless process. If there are only a couple/few people out of the wider team helping out, be realistic about not getting any contribution from the others (i.e. applying pressure never works), but DO reward those that are helping produce content in the appropriate way (e.g. vouchers at the end of the year etc.).
  2. Help with the ‘bare bones’ alleviates pressure if the content is of a technical nature. If getting others to complete articles, videos, images with text overlaid etc. is difficult because of lack of technical knowledge or skill, then getting them to just do the basics may still save you time. Particularly if there is any research or fact-finding involved. Ask yourself what they CAN do to help.
  3. Brainstorm ahead of time. Rather than scratch your head every time you know you need to be posting content, prepare a list of possible topic ideas along with some links to similar content as a reference for when content needs to be prepared.
  4. Think ahead about other possible uses for content you are creating. For example, if you are preparing a video story for your ‘about us’ page on your website, use the filming opportunity to capture video that can be used in other ways – e.g. short customer testimonials for Linkedin or footage that shows how your team is having a laugh together for the recruitment section of your website. Preparing content in flexible ways increases the likelihood of being able to re-purpose it.
  5. Get maximum mileage. Once you have gone to the effort to create something great – particularly all the effort put into a professionally shot video – make sure you give it maximum exposure. Think about every possible opportunity you have to showcase it in the right context – e.g. large screen near your reception desk. A well-written article used for client distribution may be of interest to a business magazine etc.

Flex Marketing supports clients in the creation of content by helping to facilitate the process – some of which is outlined above. Often a client finds it easier to work with some structure (‘bare bones’) of an article that they can tweak or enhance with their expert knowledge than be faced with an empty screen (or blank piece of paper!). Or sometimes they appreciate being able to just do a brain dump that we then restructure, re-word to achieve the right kind of flow and tone to be an interesting and compelling read. 

Above all, they appreciate having someone to keep them accountable for sticking to the schedule of content production and publication they have committed to. If you’d like to bring in some outside help, get in touch with Flex Marketing.

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