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Marketing content generation – 3 ‘efficiency’ tips

August 7, 2018 | Posted in: Articles & News, Marketing pow wow

Marketing content creation efficiency

  1. Generate and re-purpose

A lot of effort goes into creating original marketing content in the form of articles, infographics, interviews, case studies etc. so it makes sense to use it on as many platforms as possible to get maximum value from this investment. For example, videos can be uploaded directly into Linkedin, Facebook and Youtube as well as your website. Links to articles on your website can be used in emails such as newsletters, posted on various social media platforms. You can also use the publishing feature on Linkedin individual profile to share the full article – that will remain on your individual profile page. This article discusses the difference between Linkedin posts vs publishing in case you ever wondered when you should be using which.

  1. Blend created with curated

The goal of many businesses in their online marketing is to establish credibility and authority on their subject – with that in mind, it is easy to see a compelling argument for creating original content, especially when you combine that with the SEO benefits. There are pros and cons of each, however my personal opinion is that a blend does not do too much damage to a company’s reputation for expertise in a chosen field, as long as it’s done wisely. For example, you want to be sharing from sources that are complementary rather than competing (e.g. an online retailer that only sells shoes might provide tips and information on styling from a clothing retailer or a personal stylist).

  1. Consider user generated content

Get your brand advocates involved where possible by inviting them to create content. Brand advocates can be customers who are so engaged with a company’s products or services they are keen to share their own experiences or freely give their time. Some businesses do this through competitions – for example, design a tshirt, write a short story, create a video, submit a photo etc. On a busy social media calendar, where some big brands are posting a couple of times a day on multiple platforms, that is a lot of content to come up with…so a helping hand from these creative ways to share things with followers is invaluable. The key of course is making sure that it is relevant and of interest, so remember to keep a close eye on the analytics!

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