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Pick up lines for email marketing – 5 tips

November 10, 2017 | Posted in: Articles & News, Marketing pow wow

Email subject linesWith the amount of emails flooding into people’s inboxes, both personal and business, it is no wonder that good subject lines are the reason that a third of recipients open an email based on this fact alone. So, what can you do to maximise your open rates of EDMs (electronic direct mail)?

1. Don’t be spammy. Think about the type of subject lines of the emails that go into your spam/junk box and avoid at all cost (e.g. “Herbal Pills”, “Men’s Health” – some real life ones from my spam box!). Don’t try to trick, just keep it real – if your email contains an offer, by all means use that in subject line as a “hook”, however if it is just an update, say so.

If your emails are providing valuable and useful content, then people will continue to open, if your emails are no longer relevant, then often there is little you can do about it. Circumstances change and it is only natural for people to unsubscribe if there is no longer a need or interest. For example, six years on I have only just unsubscribed to The Parent Centre (where I did antenatal classes before my son was born)…this is not a reflection of the quality of the news or offers they sent me – a few years ago they were really relevant. My needs have simply moved on and I suddenly realised that for too long now, I have been deleting the emails without opening them!


2. Simple tips and how to’s work wonders. Top tips and how to’s are popular content because people are hungry for information – even if it is just a good reminder of what they already know. Reminders can help keep people focused, on track and feel more accountable

3. Tease curiosity. Do you know the top reason that people XYZ? Eagerness to find out an industry fact or piece of news contained within body of email may be enough for some people to open based on the question in subject line. It taps into people’s FOMO (fear of missing out).

4. Relevant keywords in your subject line. If you use words in your subject lines that are specific to your industry or audience you are trying to target, then this is going to increase relevance. As I have said many times in past articles, ‘relevance’ is key to connecting to audiences in a meaningful way.

5. Sense of urgency. If you can communicate this in your subject line in a way that is consistent with the body of your email, then it should not come across as spammy. Words such as ‘tomorrow’, ‘alert’, ‘sale’ and ‘daily’ convey that sense of urgency. For example an online retailer might use “Free shipping tomorrow only”.

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