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Guerrilla marketing examples to spark creative ideas

November 10, 2017 | Posted in: Articles & News, Marketing pow wow

How can you get some inspiration from guerrilla marketing? Sometimes we get stuck in a rut with a marketing formula that is tried and tested, however breaking out of the mould can produce some surprising and pleasing results. Often some real creativity is required to think of ideas beyond what is already on the marketing plan. One of the reasons that brainstorms work so well for getting the creative juices flowing is that people bounce ideas off each other in a group setting. Along similar lines, having exposure to other people’s ideas can trigger or inspire ones of your own. The internet is a goldmine for finding such examples of other people’s creativity and for a bit of fun at the end of the year, I thought you might enjoy these ’80 best guerrilla marketing* ideas’

*Guerrilla marketing is a strategy for businesses to market their products/services and businesses in creative, unconventional (and sometimes outrageous) ways with minimal budget to make a big impression in a memorable way. The activity is often focused on one particular location rather than widespread media campaigns (as you will see from many of the 80 examples in the link above). This term (guerrilla marketing) came about because it refers to small tactic strategies that have parallels with guerrilla warfare (which is a form of irregular warfare carried out by armed civilians).

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