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Marketing Strategy – becoming famous

February 11, 2016 | Posted in: Articles & News, Branding, Marketing pow wow

A marketing strategy feature : Remarkability and becoming famous….
With technology evolving faster than the speed of light, it is not surprising that the age of being able to easily market something to average “Joe or Josephine Public” is over. Marketing something average to an average consumer via average means is going to get you average results (if you are lucky). To make a brand a household name, it is no longer a case of the old formula of repetition, repetition, repetition to finally cut through – there is too much “noise” these days. With so many choices and such pressured lives, most people are very good at ignoring and blocking out the messages that companies are spending millions of dollars on trying to communicate.

Watch this TED youtube clip presented by Seth Godin – How to get your ideas to spread. It was posted in 2007, however the key messages have become even more true nearly a decade later. Just think, in 2007 social media as we now know it was in it’s infancy. Think about how things become famous in the context of social media…it’s the same thing Seth was saying – they are generally REMARKABLE!

Personally I think the 2 key points that stand out from Seth’s presentation for anyone who wants to make their brand famous are:
1. Find an audience that desperately cares – target people who are more likely to become obsessed with something (i.e. your innovators and early adopters). It might be a smaller market, but these are the people who will spread your ideas!
2. We are all in a fashion business. The fashion industry revolves around re-invention. Big brands that are about to hit NZ shores live and breathe this – Zara, H&M – they release new “lines” every week to keep it fresh and new! If you want your products/services to be talked about, you too will need to adopt this approach and get into the hearts and minds of people that are passionate about trends and fashion.

Obviously how you interpret these messages in your business and apply them to your marketing strategy will differ according to what you do, however, even if you do not have the desire to make your brand famous, the TED clip is an entertaining look at how some fantastic marketing success stories have come about in this fast moving, noisy age!

One key ingredient of becoming remarkable is creativity. Feel that you need to tap into more creativity in your business? Exercises for building creativity about 3 exercises for becoming more creative.

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