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5 Tips for better business cards

September 11, 2015 | Posted in: Articles & News, Branding

Flex Marketing business card_180315_V2Here are 5 things to consider the next time you plan the contents of your business cards…

  1. Stand out. Make your business card stand out in the sea of business cards we all accumulate. Use dominant colours, textures, die-cut shapes and print effects such as gold foiling to make yours a bit different and special.
  2. Don’t confuse.  Although being different helps your card to stand out – there are some things that you should steer clear of for good reason. Doing things like putting writing on the side or having the front of the card one orientation and the back another just makes it ‘hard work’ for the reader!
  3. Your name counts. One of the primary objectives of giving your business card is for people to get to know your name and have it stick in their memory (it will help if you need to give them a follow up call). Make sure your name is prominent and easy to read on the card.
  4. Your brand counts too. Make sure your branding in obvious on your card. This can be achieved via not only displaying your logo clearly, but also being consistent with choice of fonts, background images, colours etc. used on other branded materials.
  5. Communicate what business you are in. Sometimes it is not obvious from your logo/strapline what type of business it is and therefore you may need to add a line to explain or add some bullet points that summarise the services you offer. Keep it simple though!
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