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Tips for getting the most out of your graphic designer

April 5, 2012 | Posted in: Articles & News, Branding

There are some tips to avoid the situation of communication breakdown between you and your graphic designer in developing your logo. If you follow this advice below, it will not only help manage your expectations about working with your graphic designer, but give you an understanding of your responsibilities in the project, as the onus is not completely on your graphic designer to end up with a good logo, you as the client pay a big part too:

  • Invest time thinking about the brief – even if you don’t provide a written one (best practice if you can, but reality is this is an added burden for many time poor SMEs), it is important that you give clear direction on what you are looking for (communicating any preferences for symbols, objects, colours, concepts and what to steer clear of)
  • Impart Knowledge. Make sure your graphic designer has a good understanding of your business and your goals
  • Get clued up on good logo design – it helps to align your expectations with what your graphic designer is striving to provide you and they will appreciate your attempts at supporting them deliver best practice in the design industry
  • Provide some examples of logos that you like – your designer will probably be able to spot a pattern with what aspects they have in common and try to incorporate this in their work for you. Without this, your graphic designer is second guessing you!
  • Be honest – if what the designer has presented does not get you excited, tell them, but make sure you tell them why. Which brings me on to…
  • Communicate well. It is essential that you articulate specifically what is and isn’t working well for you with concepts presented. It is not helpful if you simply say “I don’t like it” without being able to explain why! Try to stay positive and pick out things that you do like so that your designer is not kept in the dark and they have something to work with
  • Don’t micro manage your designer – if you dictate every little change to the logo, you might as well be designing the logo yourself. Give them a bit of creative freedom by telling them what problems they need to solve and any ideas you have, but it is hard for the designer to think laterally if you have already planted too many pictures in their mind!
  • Remember it is a PROCESS (i.e. involves more than one step)! It is very rare that you will see logos presented to you that are exactly the final version you use – mostly you will need to give feedback of some sort, even if it is just changing colours, modifying fonts. Be patient and you will get there!

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