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Who should I choose to design my logo?

March 5, 2012 | Posted in: Articles & News, Branding

It can be an overwhelming and confusing task getting a logo developed, so I have put fingers to the keyboard with a few thoughts about choosing who to design your logo. If you are a small or medium business, the chances are you are not likely to use a big branding agency (as good as they are at what they do, they are not affordable for most smaller businesses). Therefore you are left with the choice of using these other options – the pros and cons of each I have mentioned below:

Printing companies: One of the cheaper options for a logo, however you need to be aware that their whole business is founded on speed of turn around and therefore they will spend minimal time on a logo. This results in getting something that does not adhere to all the principles of good logo design mentioned in my what makes a good logo blog. And there is a good chance they may even pull out an “off the shelf” logo that isn’t even tailored to your business.

Budget logos online: There are quite a few logo bidding sites online. These works by you submitting your logo request online for a small fee and in return you get lots of logos from designers around the world who have done this work for free in the hope of theirs being the winning logo. The main factors to bear in mind apart from these designs possibly not meeting the criteria for a good logo, are the fact that your brief can’t possibly be as good as speaking in person to the designer so they are not going to have a good understanding of your business and requirements, so the logo is not likely to be well tailored to your specific company. You are also not supporting the local New Zealand graphic design industry as there are lots of graphic designers participating in these sites from countries where there is little work available, so they are desperate to get whatever payment they can – in my opinion this degrades the graphic design industry as a whole.

Graphic Designer – either via agency or direct with freelancer: Either of these options are your best options for a robust logo that will be good for your brand and stand the test of time with good logo design principles. This will cost you more that the other budget options mentioned, however it will be worth every cent. Remember, big brands invest literally tens of thousands of $s in their logos because they know how important it is. If you are a start up that gets a friend to do their logo in photoshop (as often happens), then remember that down the track when you are getting famous, you will either be stuck with a less than adequate logo or have to pay to have your logo re-developed anyway, at the risk of losing some of your established brand awareness.

A design agency is obviously going to be dearer than using a freelance designer because they have extra overheads. Being a freelance designer myself, I am obviously biased in saying that using a freelancer represents much better value because not only are you paying less, often they have the experience of working for an agency anyway!

So, the choice is yours, but just remember when you are weighing up the pros and cons for each, your logo is an extremely important part of your brand and once you start getting recognition (which can happen even if you have a poor logo because of other factors you are doing well in your business) it is risky business to go changing your logo. Also potentially you would miss out on opportunities to make your brand sing even louder/make you more successful if you had invested a little more in your logo in the first place!

For some helpful and interesting websites on logo design, see the links for “logo design” under the Where I like to jump to column on this website. To read about what makes a good logo, click here. For tips on getting the most out of your designer when developing a logo, click here, And finally, to read about the difference between a brand and a logo, click here. If you have any questions about logos or other graphic design matters, get in touch with Andrea at Flex Marketing & Design on 09 416 2209 or 021 952 324.

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